Success in Life = Success with People


The ability to align the perspective of your objectives with that of others is key to success with people.

Psychology Today

Just Imagine What You Can Do

Lead and Manage

Lead and Manage

Expertly lead and manage your family, friends, and colleagues using effective approaches in inspiring and motivating.

Attract and Expand

Attract and Expand

Attract and establish strong and long-lasting allies into your personal or professional life using effective communication patterns.

Sales and Agreement

Sales and Agreement

Induce favorable responses by aligning your objectives’ perspective to appear to be advantageous to others.

Door of Opportunity

More Life Opportunities

With positive relationships, you opened doors of opportunities to be wildly successful in both your personal and professional life.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”


– Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

What You Need

Your Shortcut to be Successful


Before you can enjoy the success, you will need to know a couple of things:

  1. Know how others think, act, communicate, and make decisions.
  2. Know how to customize your approach to meet your objectives.

Any of these will take you years of research and practice. Unless you have time to burn and can delay reaping the benefits of being successful, you can start by enrolling into Psychology 101. To the rest of us who prefer to enjoy success, not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Reading People Made Easy


It is the combination of the world’s most researched personality paradigm and the advancement in the technology of big data predictive analytics that made reading people in a snap possible. SNAP-S™ is an automated personality prediction system that provides an instant snapshot read of how a person thinks, acts, communicates, and make decisions. The coolest part? It lives its life as a mobile application.

Reading People

What SNAP-S™ Tells You

Thought Process

Thought Process

The regular thought pattern a person uses when solving problems and making decisions.

Behaviora Tendency

Behavioral Tendency

The modus operandi of a person when executing plans in professional or personal life.


Communication Style

The habitual outward demeanor a person conveys through dressing, speech and body language.

Decision Making

Decision Making

The personally inclined considerations a person takes in the decision-making process.

Customize Your Approach Easily with HEAT™


All of us process information in a specific sequence. If you customize your approach to a person addressing specifically to the sequence, it can affect the mind and render the person to be more susceptible to accept your ideas and requests than usual. HEAT-Formula™ is a 4-step process that is designed to tap into this sequence in a step-by-step manner that you can easily learn and apply.


The 4-Step HEAT-Formula™



The art of packaging your objectives to look attractive, desirable and alluring to others.



After you got the attention, you explain benefits, collect feedback and resolve any objections.



Fulfill your objectives by providing a path so clear, easy and precise, it is the next logical thing to do.



Over deliver your promises a little and others will return you the favor with some extras as well.

What Others Say About Us

Subrina Ng

“The simple adjustments to my approach reaps me superb results. My closing increased, established great connections quicker, and gotten more referrals than before. Pretics™ is a real game-changer.”

– Subrina Ng, Award Winning Senior Advisor, Nexus Financial Services Pte Ltd


“This innovative profiling system is an advantage in this fast-paced society, where taking the time to build relationships is a luxury. Pretics™ provides the jump-start advantage effortlessly, in an instant.”

– Rameshwari Ramachandra, Managing Director, Talent Leadership Crucible Pte Ltd

Catherine Koh

“I started off with skepticism in mind. However, I was soon introduced and led into a whole new world of possibilities of what I could achieve by knowing the personalities of others.”

– Catherine Koh, President, Tampines Small and Medium Enterprise Association (TSMEA)